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Lord Curzon’s momentous declaration for improving the training colleges as well as for increasing the output of trained secondary teachers, in the Resolution on Education Policy (1904), initiated a new era in the training of secondary teachers. Due to the recommendation, four training colleges were established: Bombay (1906), Calcutta (1908), Patna (1908) and Decca (1910). The Patna Training College completed hundred years of its existence and acquired the distinction of mother institution of teacher education in the region which is now comprised of Bihar, Orissa and Jharkhand. The College has a glorious past in making of teachers who make the destiny of the nation. Patna Training College is a constituent unit of Patna University. Patna Training college , women’s Training College and Department of Education constitute the Faculty of Education, Patna University. J.P.Blair joined as the first principal of the college on the 1st October, 1908. A.A.Kazami was the first Indian principal, who took over the charge on the 15th August, 1947. Although the college was primarily established to provide bachelor degree in teacher training to graduates for secondary school teaching but the course of Bachelor of Training (B.T.) examinations could be started till 1915-16. This was perhaps due to the controversy in England as to what type of training should be introduced in India. It controversy persisted for many years. Before that the college provided L.T. (Licentiate of Training) degree. On the 1st October, 1917, the Patna Training College was affiliated to the Patna University under section II of the Patna University Act 1917. Before that the college was affiliated to Calcutta University. With the affiliation to Patna University B.T. programme was replaced with B.Ed. programme. In 1926, L.T. programme was abolished and one year course, Diploma in Education (Dip in ED) was started for preparing teachers for primary and middle schools. The duration of B.Ed. programme was extended from one academic to two academic year. In 1935, the Patna Training College started one year Master of Education (M.Ed.) programme for postgraduate teaching in Education. The college has the distinction of being the first college in the country to start postgraduate teaching in education. In 1954-55, separate postgraduate departments came into existence as a result of new Patna University Act 1951. The new building of the Postgraduate Department of Education was constructed in the PTC campus itself. The Patna Training College is a premier institution of the country. Two Teacher Education colleges of the Patna University namely Patna Training College and Women's Training College are the only constituent colleges of teacher education in the university system of Bihar. All other teacher education/training colleges running in the university system of Bihar are private colleges or colleges running self financing B.Ed. courses. Most of the professionals working in SCERT, SIET, BEP, SIEMAT, DIETs, Teacher Education Colleges, governmental and non governmental organizations etc. of the state are the alumni of the Patna Training College. In fact the Ptana Training College still forms the backbone of secondary teacher training progamme of the state. In fact we manage the teacher eduction of the state for over a century.